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What We Do

Being a husband and wife team, Torrence Photography is inspired most by people and stories.  Honest, genuine, and timeless: these are lofty words, but that’s our goal.  When you share your wedding photos with friends and family, their first thought should be about the people in them.  The expressions, the interactions, the relationships shown in the photos—that’s what makes photography so beautiful.  If they see your pictures and think first of the photographer or the editing style, we’ve failed our clients.  Our couples come away with photos that tell their unique story and keep them center-stage.  This results in albums and photographs that are not only beautiful, but heirlooms that will still be relevant and precious for years to come.

In order to give our clients our highest quality work and service, we commit to a limited number of weddings each year.

Creative wedding day coverage
Includes details, decor, candids of family and friends, as well as photojournalistic and portrait style photos. We not only pay close attention to the details, but we also watch for the special, but unexpected, events of the day. Weʼre not only aware of the dayʼs itinerary, but we are ultimately alert to those special moments that were never on anyoneʼs schedule.

Complimentary engagement session
A personalized session to show off your story and unique style. Engagement sessions are complimentary in most packages, providing an opportunity for you to become familiar with the photography process (and your photographers!) before the big day.

Bridal portrait session
A bridal portrait session is the queen of dress rehearsals! We always take portrait style photos of the bride on the wedding day, but giving yourself a separate session for these photos is the best way for the bride to have a day truly to herself. We build the session around the bride, from the location, to the use of sunlight, to poses. Bridal portraits also give you photos to choose from if you decide to display a printed portrait at the reception (always a winner!).

Custom-Designed Fine Art Albums
Flush-mounted and either leather or canvas-bound, these books are made to tell your story and to stand the test of time.  We design our own albums which means your book will be as unique and personal as the photographs inside.  See more about our albums (here—include link).

Unlimited photos taken by two photographers
Covers your event from two perspectives. There is no specific limit to the amount of photos you will receive, but the more hours you book with us, the more photographs you will have. Most weddings will produce around 500-700 final images.

Image processing
We process each image individually to achieve optimum exposure and balance. We do minimal enhancements in order to maintain the genuineness of your photos, giving them a true-to-life and timeless feel.

High-resolution images with print release
Photographers will always maintain the technical “copyright” of their work, but the full-resolution images with print release makes your wedding photos truly yours for all practical purposes. It allows you the freedom to print how, when, and what you want, at your own pace. We have recommendations for printing, and we are here to be your resource during this process, too. The quality will be amazing and your photographs will print beautifully. Youʼll also receive a custom case to store your files. The full-resolution photos with print release is included in any event coverage or portrait session you purchase.

Online password-protected image gallery
The full-resolution images allow you to print as you wish, but the online gallery saves you from being the “middle man” for your friends and family when they are ready to order prints. You can view and purchase images directly from our website, and they ship to your door.