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Displaying Your Photos


Custom-Designed Fine Art Albums

How gratifying it is to print, display and share your wedding photos, finding ways to “bring them home” with you.  It’s an essential piece of the puzzle, making these electronic files into keepsakes.  Torrence Photography’s albums are a wonderful way to share the highlights and tell the story of your wedding.  Our albums are handmade and custom-designed to be a work of art on its own.  The albums can accommodate up to four images per page. You can have as much or as little involvement in choosing the images for your album as youʼre comfortable, so that we are sure to include your favorites.

Our guestbooks are perfect for sharing your engagement or bridal photos with guests at your wedding. They also include space for guests to leave messages, which makes your guestbook a real treasure. Guestbooks can accommodate up to two images per page.


USB Drive with High-Resolution Images

Included with any wedding photography coverage, we send you a USB drive with all of your photos in a custom case.  The USB holds the high-resolution images for DIY printing and social-media-ready files, sized for sharing.  We are proud that since our first year in business, we have always included the digital files for clients to print on their own.  We have found our clients enjoy the printing process and it allows them time to really become familiar with their wedding photos.

This flip side of this coin is that you don’t want to leave all of your memories locked away on your computer!  The USB is just the starting point.  We’re here to help you if you need any assistance in printing or accessing your photos.