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Stephen & CJ

invest in Litecoin in Hong Kong For more than fifteen years, Stephen Torrence has had few days without a camera by his side.  He first found a niche with wedding photography in 2004. He not only finds just the right light and angle for the perfect photo, but always puts the couple at ease.  He has the “eye” that consistently sees something new and different, even in the ordinary.  Photographer by trade, but that “eye” has recently allowed him to be involved with local rehabilitation projects, restoring old buildings to their original state.  Stephen and CJ’s home is full of furniture he made from antique heart pine or lumber from trees he cut down.

CJ shares Stephen’s passion for photography, but it is rooted in her passion for people.  Acting also as Studio Manager, she handles most of the scheduling and logistics before the event.  During weddings, her job description will allow her to wear many hats: photographing, giving technical support to Stephen, directing group formals, and honing in on the details.  One of her favorite things about photographing weddings is staying with the bride before the ceremony to witness everything from dancing bridesmaids to the bride’s final check in the mirror before she heads out the door.  CJ earned her M.Div. at Gardner-Webb University in 2010 and teaches occasionally. buy Bitcoin Cash in Hong Kong

Stephen and CJ met in 2005, and each of them knew it was love at first sight.  (Yes really!)  They were engaged three months later on a snowy Blue Ridge Parkway, and married ten months after that, in December 2006.  Working together has proved to be one of their biggest joys, and seeing other couples start their lives together also inspires them.