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On land originally belonging to her great-grandparents, as a little girl, Melia would visit her grandfather’s house in Fallston, NC and dream of her wedding at home in front of the red barn.

That day came, and the location was just the tip of the iceberg that was the personal, memorable, meaningful, and rooted nature of this very special wedding.  Melia’s dress was her own, but about anything else she wore down the aisle belonged to a loved one.  It was as if she was given away by more than just her daddy.

And on the other side of the aisle was Tanner: a Marine, who quickly sheds any tough exterior when it comes to his new bride.  If you can find these two on Instagram, do yourself a favor, and follow them; they’ll be your daily dose of cuteness!

This sweet wedding had plenty of southern charm, family history, relationships and love, barns, bluegrass, lucky bourbon and barbecue to go around.

Melia and Tanner, congratulations!  We love you both, and we were honored to be there for your wedding!


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A University chapel, a restored mill, Lauren and Chandler.  It’s the perfect combination in all the right ways.  June weddings are forever charming and classic, so fitting for Lauren and Chandler’s ceremony at Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Grace Chapel and reception at Moretz Mills in Hickory, NC.

Congratulations, you sweet people!  Just look at the way you look at each other….we have it documented now that you’re adorable.  Way to go.  :-)We love you guys, and are so happy for you!


Videographer: AFL Films – Tega Kay, SC

Photographer: Torrence Photography

Transportation: 1972 k-10 Chevrolet Pickup Truck (Chandler’s handiwork!)

Entertainment: Ty Oliver – Shelby, NC

Cake: Jo’s Florist & Catering – Shelby, NC

Florist: Jo’s Florist & Catering – Shelby, NC

Hair Stylist: Amy Grigg, Hats Off Salon, Shelby, NC

Gown: Justine Alexander, Poffie Girls in Gastonia, NC

Bridesmaid dresses: Christina Wu Occasions

Veil: Westwood collection, Poffie Girls, Gastonia, NC

Rings and purchase location: Kay Jewelers

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Longtime sweethearts, Cole and Logan, tied the knot at the Hawkesdene House in Andrews, NC, on one of the prettiest days we’ve seen.  We also spent some time with them at their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on the Friday evening before the wedding, and we were able to get some engagement photos for them.  We were really glad to spend this time with them before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day.  There are so many details about this wedding that we loved: Hawkesdene is one of our favorites, of course.  The ceremony at the covered bridge with the stream rolling in the background.  The bride’s dress that totally matched her personality:  no fuss, but lots of sparkle.  It was a beautiful day, and a perfect setting for a super sweet and fun, easy-going couple.  If we ever get the chance to relive a past wedding, this would be one we’d pick.

Congratulations Cole and Logan!

Hawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGEHawkesdene House Wedding and ReceptionPINIMAGE


  • Vendors:
    Caterer: Hawkesdene House, Andrews, NC
    Videographer: Walk on Water, Murphy, NC
    Photography: Torrence Photography
    Planner, Florist, and Rentals: L7 Events, Atlanta, GA
    Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes
    Hair & Makeup: Abby Roach
    Gown and purchase location: Jenny Packham Esme, The Bride Room, Nashville, TN


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We often do family portrait sessions, what we call “Lifestyle Sessions,” but it’s still not uncommon for people to see our wedding photos and ask if we do family pictures at all.  It seems the family photos are perhaps overshadowed by the weddings, and we’re out to change that a little bit.  The truth is, we get one shot at good wedding photos–it’s ONE day.  But it’s just the first day of the rest of your lives together.

Some of our wedding clients return later for family and lifestyle sessions, and we couldn’t be more proud of that. Just how our clients say they’re looking for candid, genuine moments from their wedding, it’s the “normal” days of life that sometimes come to mean the most.  The everyday moments, sometimes those you don’t even notice while you’re in it, are the ones that will continue to speak to you years from now.  Tuesday nights playing in the backyard.  Washing the dog.  Changing your daughter’s diaper while she’s still too little to squirm around, thankfully, because you’re still getting the hang of all this.  Why not immortalize it?

We have done several lifestyle sessions lately that we want to share, but each of these shows the different types of sessions we do. Our lifestyle sessions range in price, depending on the number of people in your group, location, and what you’re looking for exactly, so for a customized quote and booking information, email us at


Speaking of returning wedding clients, we recently caught up with Josh and Elyse in Belmont, NC for their maternity session.


For these, we’re blending sweet interactions and posed photos of the couple, but detail shots really hit home, too.


http://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEIt doesn’t take much to get some really intimate and beautiful photos of a mama-to-be.  We’re open to ideas from the clients, but this time is so precious and sacred anyway, we hate to dress it up with a funky pose.  In this case, we feel creative can easily go over the top; it’s a fine line, and we do our best to keep it simple, while giving our clients plenty to choose from.  Elyse was absolutely glowing, and their joy really showed through their photos.  We can’t wait to meet this little guy!


Sometimes, clients want photos of their children only (or mostly).  Well, when they’re this cute, we get it.  :)


Austin and Ashton are the cutest little brother and sister ever.  It was EASY-PEASY to get photos of them holding hands, hugging, or giving kisses on the cheek.  We met them at a park where the lake and swings gave them plenty to look and talk over.  It was a place they could’ve played in the afternoon, photographer or not.



As Mother’s Day surprise for their grandmother, we met Emma and Ethan at their grandparent’s house where their families meet frequently.  They were in their element.  This is so important, especially for children who may be intimidated by cameras and big flashes.  If we can catch them playing and keep them happy, the photos will follow suit.


For situations like this, we are looking for interactions, expressions, and blending that with head shots and little details.

http://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGEhttp://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGE The bowtie.  Really.  We may put this one on our own refrigerator.

And we absolutely love this shot of Emma with her mom (Two Buds and a Blossom‘s Kimberly!  We love this family!).  It’s one of our favorites–a candid moment, great smiles, and sort of an action shot all in one.  Those things just kind of happen.



For the times families trust us enough to really get inside the home and watch a weekday evening play out, we are thankful.  Here are a few of our favorites from lifestyle sessions that allowed us into their “everyday.”


Emery’s family wanted family portraits, but we started a little early.  We caught them right after they woke her up from a nap and while they dressed her for photos.  Cake and eat it too.  It was just right.



Speaking of babies, our favorite way to photograph them is with a lifestyle session.  There are a lot of ways to pose, dress up, etc., and you can’t take the precious out of a baby, any way you do it.  But, to snap a few photos of bath time, like we did for Caleb—



Or when Emmi got a little fussy and needed to strip and get cooled off–



There’s just nothing better than real life.

Also, you don’t need naked babies to complete a lifestyle session.

These brothers were ALL BOY–sports, running, competing, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  Lifestyle sessions work well for wrestling brothers who may look a little less natural posed and poised in a more formal setting.  This helped capture who they really are.




There are also times when families want something completely out of the box and unique.  Just like a good vacation, destination lifestyle shoots change up the “background,” giving you a variety and spice.  We limit our destination shoots during the year to allow us time for travel, but it truly is a special thing. We love doing them, and it gives us a different perspective, too.

Just last weekend, we met with Greg and Amber and Amber’s family in Sullivan’s Island, SC, just outside of Charleston for photos on the beach.  Little Harper couldn’t have been more enamored with the wind and waves.  Instead of trying too hard to push her for certain photos, we followed her lead.  The purpose of lifestyle sessions is to create an atmosphere for interactions to take place to get good, honest, and beautiful photos, while maintaining a client-centered approach.   We look at these photos and we don’t think of our work or our photography style; we think of Harper, her “beach waves” and her innocent excitement over the beach.  That’s what it’s all about.http://www.torrencephotography.comPINIMAGE



Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.  –Dr. Seuss

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Heather and Tyler’s wedding at DeStarte’ Wedding Barn in Lawndale, NC was one of the most spirited, filled-to-the-brim-with-pure-joy weddings we’ve ever witnessed, and we have the photos to prove it…

For starters, Heather and Tyler did a first look.  We love it when the bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony.  Logistically, it works out well for the photos, and keeps the time between the ceremony and reception to a minimum.  Personally, we love it because that’s the way WE did it when we got married, and we loved it.  We’ve seen other couples interact the way we did–the way Heather and Tyler did–and be able to actually see each other and spend QT before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day.  Heather walked up behind Tyler as they exchanged gifts, then she told him to turn around.  From this point, we could forget trying for the “no smile” photos.  It was a lost cause.  These two grinned from ear to ear instantly at the sight of each other and had laughs and happy tears ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Then, you’d think couples that do a first look might not show as much excitement and surprise when they spot each other as the ceremony begins.  Nope.  (So if you’re wondering if a first look might spoil your reactions later…again, we have proof!)

With that said, it was so fitting that at the announcement of “man and wife” and the kiss that sealed it, their guests erupted in applause, laughter, cheers, and glistening eyes.  We thought the clouds even parted (if there were any to begin with).

Heather and Tyler, congratulations to you both, and never forget the way you felt this day.  Carry it with you, and remember the sound of your friends and family cheering you on.  You have each other in your corners, along with a lot of other people that love you.  Thank you for having us capture your special day!

Caterer: LKN Weddings & Events

Entertainment: Sam Hill Entertainment

Cake:  Cheesecakes, etc.

Florist: Albertine Florals

Hair & Makeup: Kristie Lavae

Gown: Intuzuri from Poffie Girls, Gastonia, NC

Bridesmaid Dresses: Little Borrowed Dress, NY Rental

Menswear: Charleston Tuxedo

Stationery: Minted

Photography: Torrence Photography


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